Luminus Education Career Center

The Career Development Center at Luminus Education is truly a vision that has sprung to life after months of research and strategic planning. The Center is institutionalized in the four educational divisions at Luminus Education and will be providing career counseling and a variety of trainings to enhance the quality of skills students graduate with. 

This vision came about after recognizing the critical issue of youth unemployment in Jordanian society and striving to bring about creative solutions to fix it. As Queen Rania put it, youth unemployment in Jordan is a "ticking time bomb." Whereas the general unemployment figures in Jordan hover around 13%, youth unemployment in Jordan has been somewhere around 32% over the past decade and that figure is not improving. In other words, 60% of all unemployed people are youth below the age of 25.Seeing that 60% of Jordan's total population are below the age of 24, these figures are nothing short of troubling. As evidence suggests, the problem is not illiteracy, for Jordan's literacy rates stand at 99% for both males and females. In fact, the unemployment rates of college graduates are somewhat higher than those rates for youth without a college degree. The problem lies in the gap between the skills students have and the skills employers need. Careful market research shows that many employers have a wide array of entry level positions available but no qualified graduates to fill them. Problems include bad CVs, a misunderstanding, or lack of understanding, about work ethic, improper job searches, unpreparedness for job interviews and much more. Our Career Development Center will bridge the gap between the skills students have and the skills employers need.The Center will also provide support for those who are in the process of career transition and start-up coaching for those who are interested in starting their own businesses. We will also open up a variety of training centers in community based organization centers across Jordan.