Vocational training and career development center

Al Quds college is one of the elite companies that's part of Lumins Group. the reputation that follows Al-Quds college is justified Seeing it is one of the best educational organizations in the country and it has been providing it's exceptional services since 1999 to the local and the regional market, and thus, providing it with the professional expertise that is needed to face the present's workforce challenges. What makes Al-Quds College exceptional is that it doesn't target a specific age group, It's main target is people who desire to improve their life, whether it was by changing their careers or even to the unfortunates who didn't pass the Tawjihi test. Also, Al-Quds College has come up with specific educational solutions that is suitable for individuals and corporates: such as:

  • Land Surveying & Route Engineering
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Decoration and Interior & Design for Housewives
  • Graphic Design & 2D Animation
  • Web Design
  • Training Course in Graphic Design
  • Networking & System Engineering
  • Office Management & Secretary
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Aviation Science & Technology Management
  • Cooling & Air Conditioning Engineering