To contribute to Jordan’s welfare, LMNS for Social Development was founded in the beginning of 2017. It is fully owned by Quds for Education, Training and Consulting, but has a different Board and Management.

The Syrian civil war has placed immense strain on Jordan’s economy, resulting in overburdened infrastructure, increased unemployment and rising prices. The population is young and growing, and includes 2.9 million non-Jordanians. More than half of the population is under 20 years of age. For that reason, Luminus Foundation promotes and undertakes non-for-profit career guidance activities – in close cooperation with other partners of the Luminus Education Group – which are relevant in bringing positive change to the lives of vulnerable people.

Some of the foundation’s activities include:

  • Training individuals and institutions in marginalized areas and poor communities in order to build capacity and improve economic and social conditions
  • Social and continued development training and awareness with community engagement
  • Creating projects that provide job opportunities for vulnerable Jordanian youth and Syrian refugees.
  • Training in economic sectors and professions that are in short supply in Jordan.
  • Placement of qualified Jordanians and Syrians in the job market.
  • Providing scholarships